What does "localized" mean? Localized simply means choosing the station that is typically in or near the area where you live. It is the station whose TV schedule you wish to view and if you donate to PBS, it is the station to which you want to donate.


  • When you are on PBS.org, hover your mouse over or click the icon for the station that you are currently localized to and when the dropdown appears, click Change Your Local Station.  

  • A list of local stations appears. These stations are determined by the station to which you are currently localized. You can click one of the stations displayed or select another station by clicking More Stations

  • You have two ways to search for stations: 
    1. Search by Zip code by typing the zip code of the area where the station you want to localize to resides and clicking Search by ZIP Code
    2. Search by state by clicking the Select State dropdown menu, click the state you want and click Search by State.  

  • A list of available stations appear, click the station to which you want to localize and click Confirm Station

  • The logo of your new station is displayed in the top navigation menu to the right of the PBS Video logo.

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