Unfortunately, our Station Finder is based upon the U.S. zip code and/or state system. Since you watch PBS in Canada, please first identify which PBS station you watch so that you can look up its schedule or contact it directly. Several PBS stations serve Canadian audiences, with principal stations as follows:

  • KCTS Washington
  • KSPS Washington
  • WTVS Michigan
  • WNED Buffalo/New York
  • WXXI Rochester/New York
  • WCFE Mountain Lake/New York
  • Vermont PTV
  • WGBH-Boston/Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire PTV

If you recognize the call letters for your local station, visit our Station Finder, click Click here to lookup a new station, click More Stations then search by Zip code or State. 

If you do not recognize your station or know its state, please contact us with your station's call letters and we will find the appropriate contact information for you.