*** Keep in mind that if you have saved a video to your Watchlist and the video expires, you cannot view the video anymore. ***

The Watchlist is a collection of videos you have saved, videos you are in the progress of watching, as well as a history of videos you've watched. 

  • To add a video to your Watchlist, click Add to Watchlist located beneath the large image on any video you are watching. 

How to access your Watchlist

Your Watchlist can be accessed by clicking Watchlist located in the top navigation bar. You must be logged in to the website to access your Watchlist. 

After logging in, the Watchlist allows you to:

  • access videos you have watched in the past and resume watching videos (a blue bar beneath each video thumbnail indicates how much of the show you have watched);
  • quickly retrieve videos you saved to watch later;
  • view a list of videos you have watched already.

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